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The Vanmaster Association was launched in 2011 and is dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment of the owners of Vanmaster caravans, through organised events and a wealth of information on all aspects of owning and travelling with a Vanmaster.

This is not just another owners’ club, it is an Association designed to help members get the most out of their Vanmaster caravan or Motorhome.  Of course, there are get-togethers and other events enabling members to make friends with like-minded people while enjoying the same luxury brand of caravanning, but there are many other benefits.  There is a wealth of information available through the Association’s website, designed to help members find the best places to go with their Vanmaster caravan and what to do.  Members are also able to get technical information for their caravan on-line, at any time, home or away.  

The Vanmaster Association is a national organisation, with events held countrywide and abroad.   The Association is supported by Vanmaster Caravans, but is entirely independent.  We also welcome owners of Vanroyce Caravans to join.

The Association also has some unique features.  Members of the Vanmaster Association who sell their caravan, can continue to enjoy the benefits of being part of the Association, as they do not need to leave for some time.   Members are also able to “bring a friend” to a get-together. 

The Vanmaster Association handles all of its administration via e-mail and the Internet, to keep its running costs and membership fees as low as possible. 

The Association is managed by a committee, who are elected annually at the AGM held in October.  For additional information contact

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