An organisation that helps you get the most out of your Vanmaster Caravan or Motorhome

What We Offer

  • An Association with innovative ideas as well as some traditional ones.
  • Member organised Main Events every year and smaller Casual Get-Togethers, with locations all over the country and some abroad. In the winter we have held some events for those who want some winter sun in Spain.
  • Events are held all year round for those who like winter caravanning.
  • A Member’s website that is full of interesting and valuable information.
  • A friendly club, with a lack of formality, making it fun and easy to organise events. New members always remark on how we make everyone feel welcome and involved.
  • Bring a friend to an Event. We normally include 1 guest unit at each Main Event.
  • We don’t believe that friendship should be disrupted by a change in the make of your caravan/motorhome. Circumstances change, but once you have joined the Association you can remain a member irrespective of the make of your unit.
  • As well as owners of Vanmaster Caravans and Motorhomes we also welcome owners of Vanroyce caravans.
  • We are members of ACCEO and insured through them.
  • We work with Vanmaster Caravans, to provide a good experience for all of our members.


These are designed for as many members as possible, and are spread throughout the country, and include a range of activities.  Our activities have included guided walks, dinners, shopping, geocaching, trips on heritage railways, motor racing, visiting heritage properties, going down a mine, visiting World War I memorials, Christmas Spectacular at Thetford, and much more, including New Year’s Eve Festivities.

 Quick Facts

Association launched 6th June 2011.  Inaugural Event Sept 2011
Cost of Joining There is no joining fee for the Association
Annual Fee £15.00
Your first subscription is due on the 21st December of the year that you join and annually thereafter.
Events held each year Our members organise events throughout the year which may be Main events with an organised activity or more casual get-togethers.  These have been held all over the UK and in Spain for those who want some winter sun.
Information A website exclusively for Members packed full of information
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Our events are normally held on licensed caravan sites, so that electric hook-up is available, but we are able to hold events on any suitable location, holding exemption certificates for England, Scotland and Wales and are members of ACCEO – the Association of Caravan & Camping Exempted Organisations.

We have a larger number of smaller, much simpler events.  These are arranged by Members – for Members.  Casual Events are advertised on our website as a caravan site where a member is planning to stay, and others may care to join them.  There is no need to organise anything, although most often there will be a meal out, a visit or two to places of interest, but it is all down to the people who come along.  Many Casual Events have now been held, the formula has been thoroughly tested and works well.

Members enjoying a Casual Get-Together in winter sunshine in Spain

Members enjoying a Casual Get-Together in winter sunshine in Spain

Fun, no formality, and easy to organise.

We want our Association to be very friendly and very informal.   Do as much or as little as you want, in a nice location, with other people around for a chat and socialising.

A report and photographs of our Main Events are added to the website in the secure members’ area.  This enables all members to keep in touch with what other members have been doing.

Sometimes you might be torn between coming to a Vanmaster Association Event, or going away with a friend, but who has a different make of caravan.  Well, Do Both!   A member can bring a friend along to a VA Main Event.  Because of space constraints there is normally one guest unit per Main Event and each member can bring one guest per year and a guest can attend one Event per year.


This website has a very large area available to members only.  It is packed full of information.  The information includes a comprehensive section on Events, both those in the future and reports on past events, Travel, with lots of ideas for caravan sites to use and places to visit.  There is a section for news about the world of caravanning and the world of Vanmaster.  The technical information section has details about your caravan and its equipment.  The technical library contains information to help you maintain your caravan and operate it, with instruction manuals and information leaflets.  There are technical tips from members and a member’s discussion forum.

The Technical Information and advice that we provide to members is one of the major benefits of being a member of the Association.

See some of our webpages.  There are hundreds like this on all subjects

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Who Runs The Association

The Association is run democratically by a committee which is elected annually.  The members of the committee are elected for a three year period and can only do two terms and then must step down.  The aim is to ensure that we keep a constant stream of fresh ideas, but also so that people do not feel inhibited about putting their name forward for a committee position for fear of being “stuck” on the committee for a long period of time.

The current committee consists of

Chair:              Richard Badcock

Secretary:      Maureen Wallis

Treasurer:     Alison Woodhams

   Other Members:   3

The Rules

The Association has a constitution that ensures fairness for all and takes into account all of the latest legal requirements.  The constitution can be found from link at the top of the page.   We also have a Code of Conduct for the Association’s Events.  While our events will be fun and informal, we need a few rules, for the enjoyment of everyone, including those on the same caravan site, but not part of our organisation.  This can also be found from the link “Our Code” at the top of the page.

How We Operate

The Vanmaster Association operates in a simple and efficient manner.  This keeps our operating costs as low as possible, but also has the benefit of making the role of being a Committee member or an Event Organiser far less onerous.  We want to encourage as many people as possible to get involved.

All communications with the club are via e-mail and the Internet, to avoid the growing cost of postage, and is much easier to do, and there are few people today who cannot use e-mail, even if they have to ask a relative to help them out.

What Does It Cost?

The Vanmaster Association costs just £15 per year, with no joining fee.

Your first subscription is due on the 21st December of the year that you join and annually thereafter.

We think that you will agree, this offers great value for money.

Interested in Joining?

You can join us now.

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