Members can advertise items on this website that they would like to sell, or Wanted Items that they would like to buy.  It is an entirely free service available to members only.

The adverts will be placed on the outer area of the website that is available to everyone.  The adverts are not just displayed to members only.  As a result, this gives a much wider audience to make the sale, but means that advertisers need to be slightly more cautious on the personal information they provide.

We will provide a special e-mail address that is then diverted to your normal e-mail address, so that no-one will get to know your normal address, and once your advert is removed, it will stop sending any e-mails to you.  Members should probably just use their name and the special e-mail address, but if you wish to use a telephone number, then a mobile number may be best, as they are not listed in any telephone directories.

Members should give readers of their advert an idea of the location in the country where the item is, and the arrangements for delivery or collection.