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Gas Pipe Maintenance

When my green side [high pressure] runs out and the red side [low pressure] takes over I have found that after disconnecting the green side gas leaks out of the regulator, I suspect the non return valve is faulty. Can anyone say where these regulators can be sourced or is there a way of fixing the non return valve problem. I get over this problem at the moment by switching off the red side while doing the green replacement but maybe someone can offer some advice.
Regards Keith.

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  1. Edward Sellars Edward Sellars

    Hello Keith,

    I assume you are referring to the Truma Duo Control fitted to most Vanmaster caravans. If you type “Truma Duo Control” in the search box at the top right of the website front page you will be able to read and download the instruction manual.

    “Duo Control enables the replacement of an empty cylinder without interrupting the operation of devices currently consuming gas. Non-return valves integrated into the inlet connecting piece prevent gas from escaping when only one gas cylinder is attached for a short time.”

    I have not heard of any problems of this nature with this device. Where gas is concerned I would always leave it to a qualified technician to investigate any problems, following which they should carry out a leak test to ensure it is left in a safe condition.

    If you telephone Steve at Vanmaster he may be able to help. 01942 212 194. These regulators are in common use and should be available at a caravan dealer.

    Please report back your findings and solution so other members can benefit from your experience.

    • Keith & Stella Hartley

      Thank you it is the triomatic system which I believe was fitted to pre 2008 vans,mine is a 2005 and it seems they are not produced anymore,thanks again,Keith.

      • Keith & Stella Hartley

        Hi again just checked the instructions you mentioned and the system ilustrated is nothing like mine.Mine has two regulators of course but they are at different pressures,the left one which is the operational side is set at 6bar and the right side is set at 3 bar,not to worry,I have found a complete setup on Ebay but I am reluctant to pay £120,regards Keith Just one more thing can you reccomend a foot pump,I have just sent one back because despite showing a capacity of 100psi it only reached 50psi and it seems to be a common problem,Keith.

  2. Bill & Glynis Aspin

    Hi Keith

    I always changed my bottle at a convenient time so could run on the reserve for a while. When I changed the empty bottle I turned off both regulators so did not experience the problem. When replacing the bottle I always moved the reserve to the live side and put the full bottle on the reserve thus ensuring I always had a full bottle on standby and no chance of running out of gas.

    Bill Aspin

    • Keith & Stella Hartley

      Thank you Bill,good advice,Keith.

  3. Edward Sellars Edward Sellars

    Hello Keith,

    There are so many foot pumps to choose from on the market. Mine are very old, I have one that is mains powered and one 12v. I am therefore unable to recommend a particular one. I think it is a case of trial and error unless a member has recently purchased one that they are particularly happy with.

    • Keith & Stella Hartley

      Thank you I have decided to buy the Ring RAC 900,it is as used by AA AND RAC and has got good revues,£89 on ebay and connrcts to the battery thus being able to draw more power,regards Keith.

      • Alan Port

        Hi Keith I have had a Ring 900 for about three years after working my way through several cheaper pumps.. It is very well made and inflates tyres effortlessly. The only drawback is that because the coiled pressure pipe is so long, with the inline pressure gauge at the tyre valve end. and the switch to turn the compressor off is on the unit about 7 metres away, you have to move quickly to turn it off once the required pressure is reached. It is easy to deflate to the correct pressure at the valve end though. The pump is listed as being able to achieve 100psi. My motorhome has max pressures of 79psi and it reaches these easily. Costs £79.99 on Amazon.

        • Keith & Stella Hartley

          Thank you,I have used it and no problems,regarding switching off I have a second helper called Stella,regards Keith.

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