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Groundhog Security Device


On my van there is what is called a groundhog security device.  It is in fact a large pointed piece of steel which when wound down so it touches the ground and digs into the ground if an attempt to tow the van is made.  Now the access to the wind down mechanism is located just in front of the cassette locker and the keyhole to unlock the security cap to gain access to the winder is covered by a simple piece of plastic tube that is blanked off to hide the keyhole.  Now sorry for being long winded but I have lost the pull off cover to the tube and wish to know if anyone knows where I can buy one or, maybe someone knows who makes these things so I can contact them.  This device is an optional extra according to the handbook so maybe they are not well known,

Regards Keith.

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  1. Keith & Stella Hartley

    Found a waste pie blank end cap that fits,it must be a rare fitting because I cannot find any ref to it anywhere,but all is well now,Keith.

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