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Mystery Box & Electrics

On the offside of  our Ovation 2006, in front of the gas cowl ,there is a small box with a lid. Is this something to do with the motor mover as I see a small hole in the middle which may be for putting the cable for the mover  in for emergency use.  Can anyone advise me please.

Also, on the left of the van entrance just above the control panel there is a domed shaped plastic object about 12mm diameter.  It has two wires leading inside the display cabinet towards the drinks cabinet,  Can anyone please tell me what it is for?


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  1. Sam & Enid Dring / Skelhorn

    Hello Keith

    The first item sounds very much like the fresh water inlet which should be similar to this:

    Sorry but this system doesn’t appear to have live links, so you would need to copy all the above.

    I do not have any experience of your model so cannot help on your second point.



  2. Sam & Enid Dring / Skelhorn

    My apologies – this system does have live links – but not the facility to edit earlier posts!!

  3. Keith & Stella Hartley

    Thank you for your help,I have found out that the buttonlike object near the door is in fact a heating sensor,re the mystery box I was mistaken it has no lid it has what looks like a glass or plastic window and is about 60mm square,it may be related to the alarm system? regards Keith

  4. Sam & Enid Dring / Skelhorn

    Is there any way that you can trace what happens behind this box inside the van? I have had a number of caravans but have not seen anything similar to your description.



    • Keith & Stella Hartley

      Sam I am going away in the van next Tuesday [16th] and will do that and report,thanks Keith

      • Keith & Stella Hartley

        Hi,can anyone tell me how to post a photo of the van,Keith
        wp-content/uploads/2017/05/VA-Assistance-Web.jpg” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>

  5. Edward Sellars Edward Sellars

    Hello Keith,

    I am not aware that you can post a picture on a reply to the Forum.

    If anyone wants another member to look at a picture please email it to me at and I will email it to whoever needs to see it.

  6. Keith & Stella Hartley

    Richard your comment is not showing or am I doing something wrong,Keith

  7. Richard Wallis

    Hi Keith
    You will see Edward’s comment above. However, since then I have been doing some testing and it is true that contributors and responders cannot add photo’s to the comment thread. – the underlying code is not enabled. But. the initial part of the article does have the attributes to enable a photo to be added. If you look at the top of the comment block you will see a firework display picture which I added to prove the point and will leave for a couple of day so that you can see it..

    So lets try it. If you can d me the photo you would like to add I will edit the header to put in the photo. We will need some linking text so that it makes sense to other readers but that should be straight-forward.


  8. Keith & Stella Hartley

    Thank you Richard I don’t need to post a photo anymore but thank you for all your help,Keith.

  9. Keith & Stella Hartley

    Should have gone to you know who,the mystery box is an ariel input for site hookup

    • Sam & Enid Dring / Skelhorn

      Thanks for the feedback, Keith. It’s always good to learn more info about our hobby. Never thought of aerial inlet cos all those I have seen are in the battery box. Hey Ho!


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