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Stress Cracks

Our seven year old 480 has three stress cracks in the fibreglass, I think these are all surface. Trying to get a travelling repair survice in the south London area is proving difficult. Have any other members had good results and can recommend a survice.

Thanks for any help Roy Walton

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  1. Nigel & Helen Edevane

    We have stress cracks in the front these were repaired by the the old Vanmaster company lasted about 3 mnths then came back. Did try to find someone in our area who said these are hard to fix as the fibreglass was not thick enough to carry out a good repair. Hope this helps. Nigel.

    • Roy & Joyce Walton

      Thanks Nigel , I have spoken to Steve (only remaining staff from the old Vanmaster) and hopefully he will be able to supply a small amount of gel coat that I should be able to fix the problem. I will keep fingers crossed that the fix holds.😇

  2. Huw & Sharon Williams

    Usually you’ll find stress cracks appear due to movement or vibration and the only way to stop them is to reduce the forces be imparted on the point where the cracks appear. This can just move them further along but it’s worth trying to build up the thickness from behind with some glass mat first. Then a hole drilled at the end of the crack after grinding out the damage on the outside if the cracks are deep as this will stop the crack continuing further. Fibreglass is one of the easiest materials to repair but just be prepared for it to look alot worse during repair before it looks good again. Be thankful it’s not ABS as that can be a nightmare. I would speak to a body shop or paint shop (take some photo’s on your phone) and I’m sure they’ll be able to offer some help. Good luck.

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