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Confused Regarding Water Inlet


I am confused regarding how to setup the water supply on my 2005 480.  I usually connect the external pump located in the full aquaroll and switch it on at the control panel priming the system as per the book,  the water heater is filled and so is the underslung water tank [I think].  The water supply works fine so why the confusion, well the book says there are three supply systems,

1 - the external aquaroll

2 - the underslung water tank [essential in winter]

3 - direct from mains using a waterline connection.
#The book then goes on to describe how to fill the tank,  O.K.

The way these 3 ways are mentioned seem to indicate that the onboard tank can be used without the need for the external aquaroll but if so how is the tank filled.  Also the book says when using the external pump to fill the system the pump can be left on and will switch off when the system is full.  I   don't think my pump is switching off but that could be a simple adjustment to the pressure switch.  Finally,  can someone please tell me what is the correct way to setup the water supply on this model of van,

Thank you and sorry to be long winded,


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  1. Edward Sellars Edward Sellars

    Hello Keith

    I have to assume your 2005 480 Vanmaster is equipped with the same system as other Vanmasters.

    The aquaroll fills the tank through a solenoid valve when the external pump switch is ON, red light is showing. When the tank is full a float switch in the tank switches the external pump off and the red light goes out. Most members will then switch the external pump OFF to prevent the aquaroll pump burning out if the aquaroll empties as you use water and it fills the tank
    The tank can be filled with a waterline connection instead of the aquaroll and left on all the time to provide a continuous water supply to the tank.

    There is also an arrangement to provide water to the caravan taps etc. by-passing the internal tank and pump. A ‘T’ hose connection between the aquaroll inlet and the tank solenoid valve can be traced and has a ¼ turn valve near it, usually white. Open this valve and the aquaroll or waterline supply feeds direct to the taps etc. Aquaroll pump pressure is usually insufficient for a shower using this arrangement but can be useful if the internal pump fails.

    I hope this helps.

    • Keith & Stella Hartley

      Thank you, may I ask if you know if in the case of the direct waterline from tap to van, would an IC pump controller [if fitted] have to be removed and the pressure valve be refitted having been removed to fit the IC device.The IC pump controller automaticaly switches the pump off when the aquaroll is empty and regulates water flow and pressure, would it therefore interfere ith any safety device incorporated in the watermaster plug, regards Keith.

      • Keith & Stella Hartley

        On checking the water inlet socket which is the pressure switch type I notice that there are two wires connected at the bottom. There are three terminals 1 is negative 2 is positive from isolater switch and 3 is for connecting a wire for the pump running light if fitted.

        The two wires on my unit are connected negative to number 1, positive from isolator switch to number 3, this is contrary to the whale installation wiring diagram which which shows 1 for the negative and 3 for the positive on units that are for microswitched taps. My unit works but could this wrong wiring be the cause of the pump running all the time, I would not have thought that it would work at all so can anyone help me with this please. Keith.

  2. Sam & Enid Dring / Skelhorn

    Agree with the above but would just add a comment to the last paragraph. Opening the white manual valve can be even more inefficient than mentioned if:

    1. The solenoid valve is wired so as to take its power from the water inlet thereby leaving that solenoid open resulting in the water feed going in both directions. Easily sorted by disconnecting one of the solenoid feed wires if that is your preferred method of operation.
    2, The solenoid when closed is not water tight – quite common.

    • Keith & Stella Hartley

      Thank you I will be using the tested method of filling the system via the aquaroll and pump and on service pitches add the float kit and connect to mains,regards Keith.

  3. Keith & Stella Hartley

    I have now discovered that the wiring is in the position of when the pump does not run, it seems that the test is to move the positive from terminal 2 to terminal three and if the pump does run it indicates the microswitch located behind inside the unit has failed. I guess someone has done just that in the past and not bothered to replace the switch but I have ordered one so all should be normal when refitted, stroke of luck that only one screw to remove to get at it, thank you. Keith.

  4. Edward Sellars Edward Sellars

    Hello Keith,

    Answering your question about the IC pump controller first. I spoke to Whale at one of the NEC Caravan shows and they explained that the controller will not work on a Vanmaster because it is not a pressure based water system using the aquaroll pump. I do not know if one is fitted it has to be removed if using the waterline from tap to van. I do not know why one would be fitted in the first place.

    On the wiring problem if you use the search box on the Vanmaster web and enter “automatic water filler” an article “Automatic Water Filler when using Mains Water” may provide some useful information for you.

    • Keith & Stella Hartley

      Hi,the water supply is I believe pressure based as there is a pressure switch built into the inlet next to the water pipe connection inside and at the back of the inlet socket.The idea is that after first removing the pressure switch and the securing screw the ic controller is placed on the back of the inlet socket covering the hole where the pressure switch fits and slots onto the wire connecteos,the connectors on the new controller are now used.After a simple calibrating of the controller to the external pump there is now total control over the system pressure,[no more pressure switch adjusting] and the controller also detects if the aquaroll is empty and switches off the pump,thank you for you comments I have learned something of value,regards Keith.

      • Keith & Stella Hartley

        Hello Mr Sellars,since our last contact I have bought a mains adaptor for direct water supply and it is woderfull,the only thing that puzzles me is that water will only enter the system when the external pump switch is on,then when the system is full the switch light goes out and water stops flowing.Is it possible that there is some kind of a valve incorporated into the tank float system which needs power to be present in order for it to open and let water in,regards Keith.

  5. Keith & Stella Hartley

    I think I have solved the water problem,it is the solenoid valve which won’t allow water in unless the 12v power is on via the external pump switch.

    • Edward Sellars Edward Sellars

      Hello Keith,

      You are correct. When the external pump switch is on it opens the solenoid valve and water fills the tank. When the tank is full the tank float system closes the solenoid valve. When you use some water out of the tank the water level in the tank drops and the system opens the solenoid valve to top the tank up.

      • Keith & Stella Hartley

        Thank you Edward,you said in an earlier reply that you had been told that the whale ic controller would not work in Vanmasters because the system is not pressurised, you are of course right,I realise that a live wire feeding the pump terminal at the back of the water inlet socket which is on terminal 3 instead of 2 is because it is bypassing the microswitch normaly controlled by the built in pressure switch because the on/off to the external pump is controlled by the float system.I now have an ic controller I don’t need so Ebay here it comes.I have learned a lot re the vanmaster water system but it would have been so much easier if all these points were mentioned in the handbook,regards Keith.

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