Caravan Club Vouchers

Of interest maybe to some if you haven’t heard the Caravan Club are offering vouchers to be used to pay for nights on Caravan Club sites. they are being offered in multiples of £100 with a maximum of £2000 being available. The vouchers are being offered with no expiry date and can be used on any Club site as full or part payment according to the fee for the site on the night. Its all due to the corona Virus conditions and the Club are giving a 20% so for every £100 worth you receive £120 worth.


  • Gordon Smart says:

    Thank you for bringing the vouchers to members attention. The vouchers however were in fact planned along with some other member incentives well before corona virus started. It was just decided to launch at this time. The other incentives have been held until the government has made its announcement on when lockdown may be over.

    Of interest £1 million have been sold some in £100 or £200 with most popular £500 and 27% over £500. Its a 20% interest you won’t get in the bank

  • Steve & Sheila Plunton says:

    Just received an email from the caravan club, and it states that the expiry date is 31st DECEMBER 2021
    for the voucher offer, a good deal if you use club sites, a few times during the next 18 months.

    Steve Plunton

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