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Lock and Level Advice needed

We are replacing our current Vanmaster caravan in the Spring for a new twin axle. I have seen the Lock and Level system advertised and wondered if anyone has had any experiences of it, either good or bad ! Thanks in advance

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  1. Sam & Enid Dring / Skelhorn

    I have two of them – used them for increasing overall van height due to low awning rail. Extremely well made bit of kit and easy to use. They do advise using some sort of protector mat underneath if on hard standing with sharp stones. The only downside I can think of is that they do take a while to deflate but that, of course, depends on the amount of air you put in!
    If you do decide to go ahead, I have one for sale for an offer around £100. Used twice – bought this year but would prefer pickup in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

    • Peter & Julie Worrall

      Thanks, If your spare is for a twin axel we might get back in touch.

  2. Edward Sellars Edward Sellars

    Hello Peter & Julie,

    I have only ever seen a Lock n’ Level being used once and that was on a Vanmaster 640. The caravan suddenly slipped off the bag and twisted sideways. Fortunately the car was not parked near the caravan otherwise it could have resulted in a very costly insurance claim for car and caravan.

    I have an E&P Compact system that cross levels the axle. It is easy to use to lift the caravan to fit two wheel locks and also cross-level the van. There is also no need to carry a heavy jack. The recent versions automatically cross-levels the van.

    Hope this helps.

    • Peter & Julie Worrall

      Yes, the auto hydraulic system would certainly work safely.

  3. Steve & Sheila Plunton

    Hi, I bought the lock & Level system, for my V 640 T/A, both the double length one, & the single length one.

    I used the L & L system for approx 18 months, and probably in excess of 15 plus outings, in that time.

    As to its operation, it does what it says on the tin, so to say. It will lift the van on any surface reasonably well, providing you have a fairly good 12v tyre compressor pump. To start with, I was using an older less powerful one, and it found it hard work, to say the least. ( Time wise for inflation ) The one I bought was a ring make, BUT you would need to check that your vehicle’s cigar circuit can handle the 6 amp current draw, I did check mine with an amp meter in circuit.

    As Sam has already mentioned, you do need to protect the L & L from any sharp stones, so a carpet off cut, underneath is a MUST.
    Getting the wheels in the exact position, will need just a little practice, it is so easy when you reverse, with your mover, to end up running over the valves, and connecting pipe work, ( not recommended by the maker ). It helps if the direction of the jockey wheel is in the trailing position, so the van will go exactly backwards, without moving from side to side.

    On the video, it shows the 2nd wheel being able to be turned, whist the 1st bag isn’t fully inflated, We seldom found that it was able to be turned, unless the !st bag was all most completely inflated, so the 2nd Alko could be then fitted in place.

    You then have the problem off the pitch type, where the fall across the axles, the low side, is to the O/S of the van, i.e opposite side to the wheel locks ? This the reason for buying the single L & L Bag. So you get into the good habit of before doing anything, is to get your Spirit level out, to determine if you need to use & position the single bag on the O/S.
    If you do need to use the single, don’t forget the carpet underneath it.
    You can with practice get the van sorted, using both L & L in 15 Mins ish.

    We may have been unlucky with our double one, but it started to lose air after a few times of being used, so I contacted Lock & Level. They where very good, no messing about, they sent out a replacement, and a couple of days later sent a parcel company to collect the old one.

    As its a new V 640 your getting next spring, which is now 2300 kgs, or even 2500 kgs, ( Mine new in 2014 was 2200 kgs ) depending on which weight you have ordered from Phil, it could be prudent to check with L & L that there happy with the extra weight being asked of it ?. Whist your not dead lifting the whole 2300 kgs, it’s good to no that there happy for you to use their product, with extra weight.

    I still have my L & L’s in the garage, which are for sale. But i’ll hang on a while, so Sam’s gets his sorted out 1st.

    I have now had the complete E & P system, retro fitted on the van, I know its expensive, but its the best thing since sliced bread, believe me, you would love it.

    Any more questions, please feel free to ask, where very friendly, you know.

    Steve Plunton York

    • Peter & Julie Worrall

      Thanks Steve.
      I didn’t know the Alco receivers were on one side only so good to know.
      I’ll disciss weight with L&L at the caravan show.

      The hydraulic lever looks ideal with the only downside being cost.

      Thanks for the comprehensive and clear response.

  4. Sam & Enid Dring / Skelhorn

    Hello Steve,

    That’s very noble of you concerning sale of LnLs but not necessary. You are much nearer to the OP for easy collection and I’m not in a hurry to sell but thank you anyway.



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