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Statutory Weight Plate?

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  1. Edward Sellars Edward Sellars

    Hello Sam & Enid,

    For touring caravans manufactured before 1992 you should find the VIN or chassis number on a plate on the ‘A’ frame or by the door.
    For caravans manufactured after 1992 in addition to the above, you should also find a 17 digit identification number etched on the windows. This is your CRiS number.
    A Vanmaster caravan of your model year should have the VIN number stamped on the chassis ‘A’ frame and on a plate by the door. There should also be the max gross caravan weight and the max load for each axle. The max load for each axle will also be stamped on each axle.
    If you are stopped by the authorities for a check they measure the load on each axle etc. and check you are not overweight using the figures on the plate.

    If this information is not on the caravan I suggest you contact the Vanmaster Factory.

  2. Sam & Enid Dring / Skelhorn

    Many thanks for your response. The caravan is in storage (closed for the hols) so I cannot check the A frame for VIN but I can say that the door sticker is a Vanmaster sticker with logo but only containing MIRO and MTPLM.
    I hope that the statutory plate on the A frame is visible without removing the A frame cover but perhaps better to hope that I am never stopped for checking weights!



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