Vanmaster Association Enhancing the Enjoyment of Owning a Vanmaster Caravan

Honorary Membership

Dear Friends,

Margaret and I were overwhelmed when we learnt that a member had made the proposal to give us Honorary Membership. Since Ian, Graham and I initially thought we should share our passion for Vanmaster and keep in touch with other owners regarding their usage, unique problems and the places enjoyed. The Association was therefore initiated in our minds and at first we didn’t want an organisation but just a link between our friends. The three of us then spent several months investigating and planning how this could be achieved by email & phone calls. As I am sure you know Margaret and I arranged a gathering of owner/friends at Hargill House in Yorkshire and then we were off preparing a means of contacting more Vanmaster friends. A number of others then said they would like to help and Bill Aspin joined us as treasurer. Obviously ideas grew and we have ended with a much bigger group of friends (members) who we enjoy seeing at events and sharing experience and stories of odd / funny things happening when travelling. We also try helping and supporting everyone through the web. We hope that everyone enjoys our unique organisation we continue building and share together.

Look forward to meeting you all in the future and sharing your experience.

Thanks again everyone,

Margaret and David Waugh

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