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I’m having a problem finding insurance for my 2016 V640 TBEW. My existing insurance is a new for old policy through Saffron Insurance Brokers who placed cover with Commercial Express. CE have stopped offering touring caravan insurance and so far Saffron haven’t come back with an alternative offer. Last years premium was £392 which included the ACCEO discount given for being an affiliate member via the VA. What I’d like to know is who do you guys/gals insure with? I’ve tried CCMC, CCC Towergate etc and they’re quoting best part of £1000 for a new for old/European cover policy. I have the van in my back garden with 6’ 6” high locked gates with a wheel lock (AlKo) and heavy duty hitch lock. It has a proactive tracker system with geo-fencing (alarm sounds when the van moves out of a 3’ imaginary boundary). It has twin axis tilt sensors, PIR and contact sensors. I’m surprised I can get in it myself!
If anyone could suggest alternative insurance companies I’d appreciate your help. I have to renew on 16th of June.

Kind regards and thanks in anticipation,
Huw & Sharon

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  1. Gordon Smart

    Try NFU. National Farmers Union. We pay around £80 a month for our 2013 580. They were brilliant when we had a caravan stollen in 2002 and a couple of other small claims. From memory they were similar to the competition.

  2. Huw & Sharon Williams

    Hi Gordon
    Unfortunately they only offer cover if your home contents is with them also. They insure my car at a much better price than anywhere else and have a really positive attitude. My contents insurance isn’t due fo renewal until October. 🙁

  3. Alan & Anne Port

    I think the ‘new for old’ policy is based on the quoted price which for the standard van on the VM website is shown as £62K+. Then you add on all your extras. That brings £1,000 as about 1.5% of the replacement cost which doesn’t seem too bad to me. Not sure if VM are producing anything at present.

  4. Huw & Sharon Williams

    Hi Alan/Anne
    I’m sure you’re right but it’s twice plus what I’ve paid for the last four years so came as a shock. Most insurers won’t go over £40k nowadays so I don’t know how you’d cover a new one if you could get one. New for old isn’t possible if VM won’t build one anyway. 🙁

    • Martin & Barbara Potts

      I insure my Occasion 640 with the CAMC on a new for old policy. The last list price for a 640 was £62750 + I am unsure if you could get a new replacement VM so I asked the CAMC to set a limit of £50000 which they have done. This should hopefully cover the cost of any replacement caravan and all the associated equipment etc. The cost for the annual policy was £620.
      Hope this helps

  5. Michael & Val Smith

    Hello Huw & Sharon
    I recently needed to renew the insurance for my 2015 V520, which is now 5 years old. I have always used the CAMC standard 5c’s cover but have now upgraded to the Super 5c’s to continue with the new for old cover. This policy does give several enhanced benefits as well as covering your caravan to the value limits that you chose. Despite that the Vanmaster factory is unable to build a new van from scratch at the moment, they are capable of carrying out sizeable repairs to damaged vans. If the van cannot be repaired the policy with CAMC pays out the sum of money to you that you have covered your caravan for, which then enables you to replace with what ever you chose. I set the value of my V520 at £50,000 and the premium was £616.
    Hope this helps.

  6. Huw & Sharon Williams

    When I spoke to them at CAMC they told me that putting a value new for old at less than what could be supplied by VM wasn’t an agreed value which is what you’re hoping for. They told me if a van was irreplaceable then market value would prevail. Putting in your own guesstimate is unfortunately not acceptable and won’t be entertained. I was about to do the same but as it wasn’t accepted went for market value instead. With the true new for old with all the stuff I had fitted like A/C, hydraulic levelling, self seeking satellite dish etc etc it put the replacement cost beyond what most would cover. If they would offer cover it was at over £1k.
    May be worth checking your values with them as you may be paying for something that you don’t have. 👍🏻

    • Peter Allison

      I use CMC and this year with a total insured value of £75k which covers replacement plus E&P mover etc came in at a premium of £895.
      I consider that acceptable to protect my expensive pride and joy

  7. Steve & Libby Robinson

    Moved from CMC to Towergate three years ago. Caravan insured for 65K although 75k would perhaps be more in line with replacement value. Contents 1k. Premium 798. Care accidental damage on site is subject to an additional premium loading which is incorporated within the premium quoted. You need to read the small print carefully on these policies. I don’t use wheel locks when travelling only a hitch lock and we have a tracker fitted. Last renewed Dec 2019

  8. Steve & Libby Robinson

    Also I came across the same issue as Huw with CMC when I pressed the question. Using a nominal value means that in the event of a total loss claim market valuation rates would prevail. That caused an issue for us having spent 20K upgrading this caravan since 2013.
    With CMC over 5 years you need to select Super 5Cs when opting for replacement value which obviously increases your premium hence why I considered alternative underwriters. Having minimal security devices when travelling was also a key consideration.
    I do know from speaking to Phil, CMC have a very good reputation in settling claims as they quote in marketing material.

  9. Huw & Sharon Williams

    Eventually went for the CAMC offer for £535 for a market value policy based on a value of £45k. The new for old I’m told won’t be honoured if VM won’t supply. Having been involved in the insurance industry for many years I feel there’s little point in paying for the new for old if they won’t stand up when needed.

    • Steve & Libby Robinson

      Hugh raises as important issue; new versus market valuation in a total write off situation. Its pointless paying additional premium for unrecoverable protection in a total write off situation.
      I have subsequently spoken to Steve this morning to ascertain if a new caravan could actually be built as this changes the dynamics. I thought it could hence my previous decision to insure new for old. Unfortunately Its now too difficult as there are a number of production supply issues without going into detail.
      I will therefore be changing my insurance cover back to market value at renewal.
      By way of background information; a neighbour had a ‘new for old motor policy’ with a major insurer. The car was written off. The insurers only paid market value as the vehicle BMW Z4 was just over one year out of production at the time of the claim. Small print! Thank you for raising this issue on insurance cover.
      Enjoy your return to caravanning!

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