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Curing the Misted Window Problem

This tip might be more valuable to those members with a Motorhome, but could be of value to all members.

I was a bit concerned about our trip in January in temperatures well below zero (the coldest we had had was -5c). With a motorhome with a large windscreen, there is a problem with the windscreen misting up after a night's stop, and using the shower, etc. The side windows of the cab are double-glazed, so not a problem, but the windscreen is not allowed to be, and all of the condensation ends up there. Past experience using a window cloth left it smeary and not very clear. I looked on some Forums and found a tip - use a Karcher Window Vac. The simple version with no added tools is around £39. It comes with a charger. I decided to buy one. Brilliant. In a few seconds the whole screen is clear and dry with no smears.

The device has a small container that holds the water and it is amazing how much there is in it after you have used it two or three times. If you get condensation problems on your windows, then it might be worth considering.

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  1. Huw & Sharon Williams

    I can vouch for this bit of kit, excellent at what it does. 🙂

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