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Tow car

I have towed both my 640IB vans with a 4.4l diesel Range Rover.
Am looking at replacing the car with a Range Rover hybrid P400e.
The car is lighter than the diesel and has a maximum towing weight of 2500kg as opposed to 3500kgfor the diesel.
Caravan Club outfit match says they are OK. But as my van is plated at 2500kg not standard 2200kg I am not sure on the validity of their outcome.
Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of the match between the two.
And this is before I look at how and when to charge it when away.

Peter Allison

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  1. Edward Sellars Edward Sellars

    Hello Peter,

    I tow a 2300kg V640 with a Discovery 4. The handbook allows a maximum towing weight of 3500kg and the car unladen weight is 2570kg and Gross vehicle weight is 3240kg. The maximum vehicle and trailer combination / Gross Train Weight is 6740kg. I am legal.

    I was considering changing to a Discovery 5 which in the book – The maximum towing weight is 3500kg and the car unladen weight is 2298kg and Gross vehicle weight is 3170kg. The maximum vehicle and trailer combination / Gross Train Weight is 6740kg. It would be legal even though the caravan is heavier than the car.

    Although there are several caravan club and caravan organisation websites giving advice I always look at the Government website to check what is legal. I have copied the link below.

    My understanding is that to be legal you must not exceed the maximum towing weight or the Gross train weight stated by the vehicle manufacturer.

    When on a Land Rover Experience at Eastnor Castle recently I asked questions about towing a trailer heavier that the vehicle and was assured that they had not experienced any problems towing 3500kg with a Discovery 5.

    I hope this information is useful.

  2. Huw & Sharon Williams

    I also tow with a Range Rover 4.4ltr Diesel and looked at the viability of the P400e. I also have the 2500kg chassis specc’ed and plated as such. Legally I think there are no issues.
    My problem was more to do with the recharging of the car. On site at best you’ll have 16A hook ups which will take about 8 hours to recharge. This assumes that you’re not plugging the caravan in. I looked at towing across Europe and the sums just don’t add up unfortunately. The amperages found abroad are at best 10A and sometimes only 3A. I just can’t see the 2.0ltr petrol pulling 2500kg up a hill without bursting something somewhere once the battery has depleted.
    My two penneth worth.

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