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Towing Guide

Most VA members passed our driving test before 1997 so do not need to worry about current towing requirements; or do we?

Our children or other less experienced people may ask us for advice when taking up our hobby.

Auto Express produced a clear and straightforward guide recently.  It makes a good point of reference for those new to caravanning, and also reminds us of the laws related to towing our precious leisure vehicles.

You can read more [Here]

2 Responses

  1. Sam & Enid Dring / Skelhorn

    Surely the attachment is wrong?

    This Maximum Authorised Mass or MAM means you’re pretty much covered for most things, including large 4x4s or vans pulling hefty caravans or boats. In fact, to get anywhere near the limit, you’d probably need to be driving a 7.5 tonne truck —

    Thought the vehicle itself is limited to 3500 kg

  2. Alan Port

    The HM Government website seems to confirm the article at the link above.

    The date when a driving test was taken determines the applicable MAM. I posted the article in good faith as it seemed quite clear although I am not an expert in Road Traffic law.

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