When will we be over the white cliffs of Dover?

As we all have to wait before being able to travel again with our caravans, I thought this travel information could be useful to keep abreast of what is happening in Europe.

Of course, with our changing situation this information could and will change with time but hopefully we will be able to bring updated information as it is released.

The Daily Telegraph has just published a worldwide review on travel and holidays. We have extracted the information on the countries that you might be hoping to visit with your caravan or motorhome. To read the article just click here.

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  • Ian Dow says:

    The latest “view” on when we will be able to get away, is still pretty vague. The current view in the press is that CMC sites will open on 4th July. The French will allow Foreign tourists in to the country from the 24th July, BUT as we have imposed quarantine on arrivals to the UK, they are doing the same in a tit-for-tat move. If you were planning to go to Spain, who are expected to lift their restrictions before the end of June, then the French government will allow people to drive through France to get to Spain – it is one of a number or exemptions. It remains unknown how long the UK government will keep up quarantine, hopefully not too long. Germany will allow its citizens to travel throughout Europe (including the UK) from mid-June.

    Of course, this could all change!!

    However, if you plan to get away in this country, then as some of you know, I hate advance booking. On Monday 18th I looked at the CMC App, and very few sites had full bookings, that had all changed by last weekend (23rd), with quite a few showing days with no space. I broke my normal rule and booked some spaces!

    One of the websites that advertises Commercial caravan sites and books on their behalf has 600 sites on their website. They had their biggest day for bookings ever on Wednesday 20th. So, if you are thinking that a trip might be nice once we get “released”, then you might want to consider doing some booking if you have not already done so.

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