Sample Webpages

You can see a small selection of web-pages in our Members area here.


Update on Forthcoming Attractions

Motoring Changes Which Will Affect You

Its going to happen. Better to know about it before it impacts you

Electrical Hook-Up Cable Safety

You have heard of the problem – See what it looks like when it happens.

Stanmore Park – Bridgenorth Site report by Oscar & his Parents

Oscar’s tales – A site review in Shropshire by Oscar and his family

Ab Kettlby Lakes site review – Melton Mowbray

Whether you want Pork Pies in Melton Mowbray or to enjoy on-site fishing this is a great site with some novel ways of keeping customers happy.

Tranquil Site in Normandy

Peaceful Site in Normandy in August

September In The Lakes

The September Event in the Lakes at Skelwith Fold Caravan Park was renamed by the Hosts, Pam & Andrew Tillotson, as “The Soggy September Event in the Lakes” but enjoyed by all which you can read about in the report.

Vanmaster – Continues

Vanmaster Press Release on its Future.

Ljubljana, Slovenia – Ljubljana Hotel & Camping

This is a fabulous city with lots to see and do, and the caravan site is extremely convenient, with good public transport in to the city.

Graz, Austria – Camping Central

Graz is in the southern part of Austria. It is only 30 miles to the Hungarian border and 25 miles to Slovenia. It is Austria’s second largest city, with a population of just over a quarter of a million people, and its “Cultural Capital”.

Anear 6 Port USB Charger

With all of the modern electronics that we all uses, phones, tablets, Bluetooth adapters, etc, we can soon run out of 13A sockets to plug in all of the chargers. Here is a simple solution a 6 port USB charger. You can plug 6 devices in at the same time using only one 13A socket.

Shakespeare and More Main Event

A report on the April 2013 Main Event in Stratford upon Avon