Anear 6 Port USB Charger

When Huw and Sharon Williams came to visit us recently to help them specify their new Vanmaster, one of the many comments I made was to make sure you have enough 13A sockets.  When we specified our last one, 3 years ago I added two additional 13A sockets (now standard), but it is now not enough.  The problem is that Frances and I both have tablets, then there are phones, and several other USB charged devices that need charging at night (usually every night).  We have plenty of chargers, just not enough sockets to plug them in to.

The solution I have found is an Anear 6 port USB Charger.  They are currently reduced in price, so you should be able to get one for around £15.    It is a small device that has a short mains lead and plugs in to one 13A socket and then provides 6 USB charging points.  Each one can deliver up to 2.4A each, which is plenty even for thirsty tablets, with an overall limit of 12A for all 6 outlets.  That should be enough for most people.  It is small and neat.    It is electronically controlled and can be used on 100 – 240 volt supplies, so is usable all over the world.  It is suitable for Apple or Android devices, as well as other items, such as Bluetooth devices.

So far I have only used it a few times, but it worked well charging 4 devices, two high power ones, and two normal.  It will get a lot of use in the coming months in the caravan.

January 2016

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