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Simple way of Assisting with a Wheel Change

hartley pin

Keith Hartley wrote:

Some of you will have removed a van wheel at some time and had difficulty steadying the wheel whilst trying to get the first wheel bolt in place. I have found a way to help with this matter as follows:

I have purchased a 100mm length of m12 threaded bar with a thread pitch of 1.5 this is the same as the wheel bolts and is available on Ebay.

All you do is make sure if possible that a wheel bolt is located at the top and remove it. Then insert the threaded bar and remove the rest of the bolts. The bar holds the wheel in place to take the weight of the final bolt. Then just slide the wheel off. When replacing the wheel slide it onto the bar and you can then easily move the wheel in order to refit the bolts. You then remove the bar and fit the final bolt.

Hope you find this tip useful.

Editor: I could only find a photo of the same principle on a car wheel.

4 Responses

  1. Alan & Anne Port

    A great idea Keith. Thanks. An eBay search will find these under ‘wheel hanger pin’.
    Price from about £6.00.

    • Keith & Stella Hartley

      Thanks folks for the info,I didn’t know these existed which is why I thought of using threaded bar but these pins do look the part,regards Keith.

  2. Bill & Aubyn Arbuckle

    Thanks Keith & Stella for the info of wheel bar.

    Best wishes.

    Bill and Aubyn Arbuckle

    • Keith & Stella Hartley

      Thank you both,hope you get to go out with the van this year,we are isolating but hopefully the virus may die,regards Keith.

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