Vanmaster Association Enhancing the Enjoyment of Owning a Vanmaster Caravan


We have been caravanning since the early 60s and have never been on a rally until 12 months ago when we joined the Vanmaster Association.  Our first casual event was thoroughly enjoyed and we look forward to more in the future. Strangers became instant friends and all were welcoming.  The thing that I recall most was how much we laughed something most of us don’t do enough of. As you know laughing keeps us young - so join the young ones.

A well-informed professional members only website together with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere makes this association excellent value for money.

We like the format of the association, it is casual and friendly and no one is under any pressure to join in activities. The committee should be congratulated. They have brought running into the 21st century.

The Association gives the opportunity to both meet like minded people and to enjoy their caravans. It provides a wide variety of touring and caravan related information. It maintains a very active website with regular updates and everyone shares experience and information.  A must if you own a Vanmaster.