Vanmaster Association Enhancing the Enjoyment of Owning a Vanmaster Caravan


This was our first main Vanmaster meet and we were a little apprehensive, we needn't have been.  We received a very warm welcome and a much needed cup of tea.  Susan and Edward did a great job as hosts everyone was very friendly and we certainly had some good laughs.

The fish and chip supper followed by the beetle drive was a good way to get to get to know fellow members. The balance between organised events and free time was just right but no pressure was put on to join in everything.  The walk Tom and Angela took was lovely, a leisurely pace in beautiful countryside.  Ian was very knowledgeable on Oxford very interesting. The band Sunday night brought back memories of our younger days, great evening.

Edward sorted out our problem with our battery and Glynis supplied glue and tape to mend the broken arm of one of our chairs.

For all newcomers don't worry if you have a problem there's bound to be someone who can fix it.  We know we've left out lots but all we can say is Thanks for a great week and the weather couldn't have been better.  That was the first of hopefully many meets.

Nigel & Helen,