Calling Travellers Everywhere

Not sure whether you have noticed but it seems to be the same group of people who write the travel reports every month. We thought this was a bit strange as we all have caravans, we all visit different sites during the year so why do we not see reports from more of the members?

Then someone said “its difficult writing your first report – you just don’t know where to start“. That started a train of thought to identify what information does a travel report have to cover and how can we make it easy for people to write reports.

Once we started to think this through we found there were 7 key areas that our travel reports cover when reporting on a site. So there is no magic formula in writing reports all you have to do is follow the seven steps below and answer the questions and you have the information needed for a report. Just think about a site you have visited and give it a try.

Step 1 – Location:  What is the site name. Does it have a website?  If not how did you find out about it?

Step 2 –  When did you visit:  Is the site open all year?  Is it adults only? Pets welcome?

Step 3 – Why did you visit – overnight stop/ to visit an area or event/ short break/ visit family and friends.

Step 4 – Getting there. Was it easy to find or are there access issues.

Step 5 – Pitches Are the pitches easily accessible?  Sheltered/ shaded.

Step 6 – Facilities – Clean and well maintained? 

Step 7 – Satisfied – Did you enjoy your stay?

If you can send the answers to the above questions to us we can start to generate the report. Please let us have a contact number so that we can call you with any questions. The other thing that really makes our reports work so well are the photos. So if you can take some photos of the site they really do save “lots of words” As always with photos the larger the better.

So come-on, give it a go. The first report is the hardest but we think if you follow our Step Approach everyone can do it.

To make things even easier we have developed an email message form that follows the Seven Steps and you just have to fill in each box. When you are done just press the send button and it will auto -send the email. You do have to enter something in every box to avoid an error message.

We will move this form to the web-site but that will take a little time, so we have auto generated it here so that you can write your first report TODAY.

Email Form Below:


    Dear Editor,

    We have a site review for you.

    Step 1- Location. Please provide details of the site name and web-site in the box below:

    Step 2- When did you visit. Please tell us when you visited the site in the box below:

    Step 3- Why did you visit. Please tell us why you visited the site in the box below:

    Step 4- Was it easy to find. Tell us of any issues with finding and accessing the site in the box below:

    Step 5- Are the pitches accessible. Please tell about the pitches and whether they are sheltered or shaded:

    Step 6- Facilities. Please tell us your view of the facilities in the box below:

    Step 7- Did you enjoy your stay. Please tell if you enjoyed the site in the box below:

    Step 8- Additional comments. Please tell us if you have any additional comments:

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