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European Accident Statement when travelling in Europe

When we travel abroad it is usual to carry the necessary vehicle and insurance documents to ensure that we have full identification and cover. It is worth noting that in Spain, France and Italy it is almost mandatory for motorists to also carry a 'European Accident Statement' which can be used in case of an accident, to record on the spot, the details for insurance purposes. It is usual for the form to be completed and then the third party asked to complete that section and sign it. Once complete the document has a legal implication and can be used by the insurance company. The form will be in which ever language is relevant to the country and may be difficult to understand by you as to what has been said. If this is the case I advise that you don't sign it although I have heard occasions recently when there has been great pressure mounted by the other party to complete it on the spot.

The form is known as Constat Amiable in France, CIA in Italy and DAA in Spain and I understand a number of other countries are introducing similar statement forms. It is possible to download an English version of this standard form which would be useful in assistnce with this procedure. Available at    More information is also available from the RAC  in their document about driving abroad :-

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  1. Ian & Frances Dow

    It is important to take the English version with you so that you fully understand the questions. Get the other party to fill in your copy of the form, with the English questions and get them to sign it. If in any doubt, as David says, don’t sign it, but if you don’t understand what they said, copy their text in to Google Translate, so you can see what they have written. If it does not make sense, get them to confirm what they wrote in their language. They know then that you are being watchful.

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